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established a company in Phu Nhuan district

Phu Nhuan is one of the most developed districts of Ho Chi Minh City. As the link between the city center and Go Vap, Tan Binh, and Binh Thanh districts, there are many arterial roads such as Nguyen Van Troi, Phan Xich Long, Hoang Van Thu, Phan Dang Luu, etc. Nguyen Kiem, Phan Dinh Phung, etc. This is also the most populous district of Ho Chi Minh City, so Phu Nhuan is always an attractive destination for investors. Not only domestic investors but also foreign investors also flock here to implement large-scale investment projects and diversified business lines. In the following article, we would like to send to our customers some advice on setting up a company in Phu Nhuan district, specifically foreign invested companies (FDI enterprises).

The service of setting up a company in Phu Nhuan district, we provide as follows:
Service of establishing company in Phu Nhuan district, service of establishing business in Phu Nhuan district, service of business registration, service of making business license.
Service of changing company license, service of changing business registration, service of changing company’s legal representative, service of changing business lines, service of supplementing business lines, changing name company, change the address of the head office, change the name of the enterprise, change the company’s shareholders, increase the company’s charter capital, change the company’s members…

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Branch establishment service in Phu Nhuan district, company branch establishment service, business store establishment service, business location establishment service, warehouse warehouse establishment service.
Company dissolution service, company branch dissolution service, enterprise dissolution service, warehouse dissolution service….
Tax declaration services, tax finalization services, tax reporting services, bookkeeping services, value-added tax refund services, financial reporting services, tax settlement interpretation services. ..

Labor registration service, first-time social insurance registration service, social insurance registration service, ladder system construction service, payroll…
Contents of company establishment service in Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh city
Guide customers to provide necessary documents and information
Guiding and advising customers to choose the right business line, bringing high revenue and profit
Guide and advise customers on the issue of naming companies including Vietnamese and foreign names
Guiding and advising customers to choose the location of the head office
Guide and advise customers to choose the size of capital contribution, form of capital contribution and company management structure.
Our company establishment service in Phu Nhuan district will carry out the drafting and sample registration according to the regulations of the business registration agency, including: charter, business registration application, establishment list and submitted to the business registration office.
Carry out the registration, stamp engraving, initial tax declaration with the tax authority to register the use of invoices,.
To publish the establishment statement in the newspaper according to regulations
Drafting certificates of capital contribution, members, notice of full capital contribution.

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