Experience when choosing a company to establish a company in My Duc

Company establishment service in My Duc is the best solution for those who wish to open a company because this is an extremely complicated procedure, involving many legal issues. However, now there are hundreds of service units that make it difficult for you to choose, do not know which unit is reputable and affordable? Here are a few suggestions to help you easily choose the most reputable and satisfactory company.

When to choose the service of setting up a company in My Duc?

Setting up a company in My Duc to realize your business idea is becoming a trend among young people in Vietnam, a decision worthy of encouragement and support from the whole society. Usually, after graduating from school, young people go to work for a while to learn and gain experience for themselves. And when there is an opportunity, they will set up a new company, although it is a small company, when they will be able to freely develop a business model according to their own ideas.

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With many supportive policies of the State today, capital rotation is not too difficult, but legal procedures are a problem that causes everyone a headache.

Easy to control company activities

The operation of a limited company is quite simple, business activities are not subject to too many legal obstacles. Because the company’s members are few, it is easier to control all business activities.
In addition, members and departments can easily coordinate to complete the work better. Not through the opinions of too many people

Why should you choose the service of setting up a company in My Duc?

With the current legal system of establishing a company in My Duc, completing the procedure is not too complicated. But for those who have never done it, do not have a good understanding of the law on business establishment, the self-implementation of establishing a company is a very difficult problem, consuming a lot of time, effort and money. Therefore, in order to help business owners solve all difficulties and problems, quickly establish a company, and avoid risks when in operation, the company establishment service was born. Company formation service will solve the following problems:

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Consulting, answering on legal and related issues

All customers when wishing to establish a company, looking to the service of “specializing in setting up a company in My Duc” are consulted specifically on legal issues in accordance with the law. At the same time, they are also consulted on related issues such as: naming, company organizational structure, conditions to be met after establishment, expected charter capital to be appropriate, …


We provide for the needs of our customers with the service package for setting up a company in My Duc, which not only ensures the most suitable, no need to travel, but also has the best price in the market. Our brand is recognized by more than 1,500 customers who are small and medium enterprises in the city who are using various types of certification services.


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